Snoogs and Wilde

Here is one of my favorite watercolor artists. Her name is Sarah Martinez, but goes by Snoogs and Wilde. First off, I love that name. It could be a hugely successful brand name as well as a small hipster boutique that only the local Brooklynites know. When I found her work long ago while creeping through the Instagram hashtag of #watercolor (I know you all do it), I could not stop scrolling through her feed. It, also, surprised me how similar our styles and taste are. I love the color, simplicity, and the subjects of her paintings. Check her out below.

She even paints abstract acrylic landscapes


She even paints acrylic abstract landscapes



Instagram: @SnoogsandWilde


Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

One of my favorite places on vacation was the Columbia River Gorge. You stop at multiple places on a scenic highway and just hike and play in waterfalls. Should be on everyone’s travel to do list!

Oneonta Falls (You have to climb and swim to get there)

Multnomah FallsIMG_0193_edited-2

Horestail FallsIMG_0165_edited-2

Latourell Falls (my favorite because you can walk right next to it)IMG_0160_edited-2

Grant Haffner

A long overdue blog post calls for some damage control. I hope these pieces by Grant Haffner can make it up to you all. His paintings are bold and he tends to exaggerate perspective. I never thought I’d like a painting of a road until I saw these- they are all truly one of a kind. Can you tell I’m still on my acrylic kick?
MTK.sunset.HV WEB_Sunset-on-Napeague-by-Grant-Haffner-2012.-Acrylic-on-wood-panel-48-x-47.25-inches.-Signed-titled-and-dated-version.-


Cathy McMurray

I could post a thousand pictures of this artist’s work, but for now I will post 6. I have been following Cathy McMurray’s Instagram for almost a year now, and I never get tired of it. Her work is fun, creative, unique, and INTERESTING. I love how she plays with textures, colors, and patterns. She’s kind of like a jack of all trades and a master of all of them (Ha! Must be nice).  She’s been a huge design inspiration for me recently, and I hope to own some of her work someday. But for now, here are some photos to tie everyone over.

mcmurray artmountain paintings tumblr_nflmx7K8yi1qas1mto5_500il_570xN.548043611_18j3landscape weavings

Even her Instagram looks like an art gallery.


Instagram: @CathyMcMurray