Creative and Fun Painted Pumpkin Ideas

    I LOVE fall. Halloween, Hocus Pocus, sweaters, good hair days, apple cider donuts. You name it, I love it. I know it’s a cliché, but I do not care. Here’s an inspiration roundup of 4 DIY ways to decorate your pumpkins that you picked wearing your leather boots, flannel shirt, and aviator sunglasses (you know who you are). Anything you wish to see here? Comment below.

Floral PumpkinIMG_9277    Who cares if it’s not Spring? This is more of decorative art than Halloween decorations. I painted this last Halloween with acrylic paint.

Day of the Dead Pumpkin 

    This is a fun idea that is hard to mess up. As long as you draw eyes, a nose, and teeth, you can draw whatever designs you like around it. I painted this with acrylic paint while drinking some wine (I highly recommend). Use paint pens to draw the fine details if you have difficulty using a paint brush. It’s much easier and dries within seconds.

Donut Pumpkins

    I found these on Pinterest (click image) and melted… and then got hungry. They are so cute and look super easy to make. Now how about cupcake pumpkins?!

Simple and Classic Pumpkinsherringbone pumpkin

    These herringbone pumpkins are for those that want a chic and simple design. I found these on Pinterest (click the image to take you to page). They are SUPER easy to make, anyone can do it! I love the gold and white together. If you have trouble painting fine lines, buy a gold paint pen. Much easier to use on a pumpkin than a brush.



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