Sherbert Lemon

Sherbert comes to mind when I think of this color combo.  I love the soft colors with the pop of gold. To me, it is fun and unexpected.

This portrait I painted after a stressful day of fieldwork. Sometimes, it’s hard keeping it “together” when you feel like you can’t be yourself or follow your own intuition. This is my take on how everyone has different sides to themselves. I hope everyone gets to show off their true, crazy, uninhibited selves to those they love.

You may recognize this print from my header. I painted it specifically because I wanted it for a phone case (heh heh). I LOVE how it came out. I ordered the “tough” case on Society 6 (link below). It’s basically 2 cases together, a rubber one that wraps around the phone and the hard outer shell. I’ve dropped my phone 3 times and it hasn’t broken yet, so that must mean it’s good (whoops! I’m a klutz).

Link to phone case:


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