Hello…is this blog on?

I am new to the “blogger world” so here goes nothing!

(This is my spastic self and a sunset.)

I created this page to share my art and life. Unlike most “artists”, I stumbled into this hobby a little late in the game. I started doodling while in college (in class, rather ha!) and basically haven’t stopped since. I learn by copying others, practicing, and watching YouTube videos.  I’m finishing up graduate school, so I’m hoping this blog will motivate me to keep on painting. Hope you all enjoy!

Below are two recent paintings I did to fulfill my sister’s wishes to decorate her apartment (love you mucho, Jayne!)

I am usually a watercolor only kind of gal, so these are new for me. I used acrylic paint and gold. It’s been a pretty cold winter, so I painted my desire for a vacation and warm weather (heh heh). I have been afraid to branch into canvas and acrylic, but these were fun test pieces.


8 thoughts on “Hello…is this blog on?

  1. geraldenigma says:

    It’s really never too late to get into something until your death bed. I applaud your bravery and look to see you transform from your caterpillar stage to your butterfly stage. Keep your imagination strong and you will get anywhere you wish.

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      • geraldenigma says:

        You’re welcome! Positive words usually help especially when first starting out. I believe everyone needs some feedback (even negative). Always lean on the ones you trust and the ones that support your efforts. That’s how I live, at least.

        Liked by 1 person

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